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Tryout Information

Tryouts begin on Wed. 3/8

Athletes must have a current physical and all sports paperwork turned in to Ms. Merrick in ISD before they are allowed to try out. If that cannot be completed before tryouts end, they will not make the team.

Tryouts will be March 8th, 9th, and 10th immediately after school in the cafeteria. (Yes, there will be tryouts on the 10th even though there is no school for students.) Dress out; and meet in the cafeteria with athletic shoes on (No Cleats are allowed in the building). We will run down to Pinello and back each day.  Pack just your softball gear and leave everything in the girl’s locker room at Sproul. Tryouts will end at 5:30pm and pick up on weekdays will be at Sproul.

There is limited bathroom access so please use the bathroom at Sproul before we leave.  This is a cold weather season, so clothing should be layered. We practice in rain and snow. Cleats are not necessary; however, tennis shoes that can be tied tightly are required. Athletes should bring water and a glove, but all other equipment is provided.

Each night after tryouts, we will post student ID numbers of athletes invited back to try outs the next day. This will be posted on a link on our Sproul Softball webpage (under Athletics on the Sproul website). If your ID number is not listed, you did not make the team. However, we encourage you to try out again next year either at Sproul or in high school. We also encourage you to go out for track because they do not have to make cuts. If your ID is listed, please plan on attending the next day of tryouts/practice.

Once tryouts are finished, we will practice at Pinello, Monday through Friday from 3:00 - 5:30 (parent pick up at Sproul), and Saturdays at Pinello from 10am - noon (parent drop off and pickup at Pinello).

If you have any other questions, please contact Coach Neifert.

Softball League Rules:

  • Girls’ softball follows CHSAA fast pitch softball rules.
  • There will be a Varsity team and a JV team. Both teams may be mixed 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.
  • The Varsity team will play first, followed by JV. Teams are expected to play both games.
  • Switching half-innings (Varsity): after 3 outs or 9 runs except in the last inning, which ends at 3 outs.
  • The Varsity game will not start a new inning after 65 minutes of play (final inning to be completed with the home team at bat unless the home team has the lead).
    • If the Varsity game is tied at the end of regulation, the last batter will be placed on second base to start the next inning of play.
  • The JV game will not start a new inning after 65 minutes of play (final inning to be completed with the home team at bat unless the home team has the lead). Switching half-innings (JV) after 3 outs or 9 batters except in the last inning which ends at 3 outs.
    • The JV game can end with a tie.
  • There will be a 10-minute warm-up period between the Varsity and JV games.
  • High school re-entry rule applies: If swapping positions, you can swap as often as you like. Substitutes may re-enter one time after they are taken out but they must go back in the same spot in the lineup they were in before.
  • Helmets must be worn by the batter, runners, and all student base coaches.
  • Rubber cleats only.
  • 12” ball Optic yellow game ball
  • No spectators on the field at any time.
  • There will be playoffs for the top 6 Varsity teams (top 2 seeds get a first round bye) at the end of the season, 7 innings with no time limit.
  • A game is considered complete after 3 innings in regular season games and tournament play if weather is a factor.
  • Field Dimensions: 60 feet to bases; 43 feet to pitching runner with 16ft circle


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