Summer Opportunities

Volleyball Camps for Middle School girls:


  • Officials, Scorers, Timers, Lines Persons must be ALL ADULTS
  • Time for warm-up.
    • 4 minutes, 4 minutes, 2 minutes
  • Net height 7’ 4 1/8” (same as high school regulation) 
  • Home team wil provide warm-up balls, a minimum of 6        
  • Rally scoring shall be used.
    • Played to the best 2 out of 3 games
    • First 2 games are played to 25 points
    • Third game is played to 15 points
    • Teams must win by 2 points with a cap of 27 points
    • The third game wil be capped at 20 points
    • There wil not be a cap during league playoffs
    • A net serve is playable
  • There wil not be a libero position in league matches or tournaments
  • There will be league playoffs for the top 8 varsity teams at the end of the season.
    • Team plaques will be awarded for 1st and 2nd place.

Varsity Coach: Adrian Stamer, stameradrian@wsd3.org

Junior Varsity Coach: Beth Birky, birkyb@wsd3.org